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IEEE Istanbul University - Cerrahpasa

This committee presents our activities, courses and projects throughout the year on platforms such as social media, and the design of these representations are undertaken by the design crew within the MSC. In order to provide the budget for the activities we perform, the sponsorship teams in charge come in contact with the companies for negotiations, and they ensure the communication with these companies.


Our club’s promotion on different platforms is very important to us. MSC prepares the things necessary for the promotion of the club and make sure to publish on our social media accounts. The committee aims to meet the budget of big events such as GETEK, MTS and KZ planned to take place during the year by looking for sponsors. At the same time the committee supplies the material and the financial support that is required for our technical projects through sponsorships.

Sponsorship Teams

Technical project and event sponsorship teams contact the companies determined by thorough researches and conduct meetings. In these meetings, our club is introduced to the company officials and they talk about the activities we have planned and done. They request financial and/or material sponsorship according to the subject of the interview.

Design Crew

They design the visual tools such as posters, brochures, tarpaulins, videos that we use for promotional purposes in our events, and materials for special occasions and/or memorial works made to be published in our social media accounts.