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IEEE Istanbul University - Cerrahpasa

What is IEEE ComSoc?
IEEE ComSoc applies the engineering methodology developed worldwide to communication technology, aiming to improve human quality of life for this purpose; ComSoc is the world's largest community of telecommunications engineers, with 50,000 members and 30 sister societies in approximately 169 countries, established with the aim of providing professional development, increasing incentives to the profession and following studies that will affect the future development of telecommunications engineering and communication technologies.

IEEE Istanbul University – Cerrahpasa ComSoc representation is a technical sub-unit that organizes activities for our members who are interested in the fields of communication and communication technologies and want to direct their careers in this direction to develop themselves in these areas. It aims to provide trainings, organize conferences, organize technical trips and introduce people to the sector and provide experience to engineering candidates by meeting with people from the sector.

MATLAB Training Series

Matlab is a kind of computer program that is often used for engineering and positive science calculations. Matlab, one of the most widely used programs used by engineers worldwide, is a must for a sought-after engineer. For our Matlab training series, which will consist of two stages, we plan a training that will be first at the beginning level and then we can have more detailed information.


We want to make our members general knowledge in the field of communication engineering by meeting with professionals from the sector in the fields such as mobile communication, optical communication, RPA and Big Data, which are sub-fields of telecommunication engineering.