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IEEE Istanbul University - Cerrahpasa

RAS is the committee that organizes educations and workshops for the technical progress of IEEE İÜC members and provides members development the opportunity about robotics, electrical, electronic, software, automation, mechanical and material parts of projects. The main purpose of RAS carries out scientific and technological studies in robotics and automation that benefit members of the profession and humanity. RAS, which carries out many projects and training every year its intention, is the student society that carries out the highest number of technical projects within the university. Previous project's experiences are transferred to new members every year; thus, new members are educated by old members easily and projects plan are set easily. Training provides an opportunity for all members for their technical improvement and their knowledge experiences give to use in projects.

Microcontroller Board Training

It is a training given to students who have just started university about basic electronics, communication, coding, and sensors. It is planned to use Arduino or NodeMCU and these are coding with Arduino IDE that is a C programming base.

Training of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design with Altium Designer

The aim of the training is to learn about PCB production stages creating a schematic a pcb library and document, using components, to learn reading datasheet and design to PCB from circuit scheme.

Training of MATLAB

Matlab, which is the fourth generation programing language, is used by millions of engineers and scientists for data analysis, algorithms, modeling, image processing, and lots of simulation programs. The aim of the training is to develop member's simulation and analysis skills and help with lessons and projects.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle UAV Team performs 3 projects with two different topics: fixed-wing and rotary-wing. New team members are educated incubation groups then they work main groups with members of experience about technical.
UAV Team of Fixed-Wing: ALACA
UAV Team of Rotary-wing: SIRIUS and APPA
Team ALACA, which races in the category of Teknofest İnternational Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, aims to drop balls in the identified field that is defined using image processing. SIRIUS and APPA Teams, which races in the category of Teknofest İnternational Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, aim to draw and spill water from identified to the detected fields using image processing.UAV Teams consist of 3 departments those are mechanical, electronic, and software.

Mechanical Department
It includes parts of composite and production, design, and analysis. Pieces of UAV are designed using Solidworks. Those are tested run-off analysis then pieces begin the production and assemble.

Electronic Department
It is the department that works on avionics systems, autonomous flight, and embedded software. They are responsible for the selection and installation of electronic materials in the vehicle. They obtain various parameters by flight tests on virtual systems.

Software Department
It is the department that continues to work on the processing of data determined using image processing. A unique instrument panel has been created with the domestic interface studies developed. Numerical data such as altitude, speed, and direction are tracked on the panel.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things is network structures where systems or structures such as devices and machines share data among themselves and take on the role of decision mechanism in the progress without the need for human intervention. The IoT team has been working to implement innovative projects that follow the technology for two years and perform 2 different projects.

OYEUS: It is the project team that race in the Technology for the Humanity category of Disaster Management and won 2nd prize in the 2020 Teknofest competition in order to detect forest fires early and notify the necessary authorities.
VALE: It is the project team, which races in the Teknofest Smart Transportation, allows users to identify available parking spaces, views the parking spaces via the mobile application, and guides them to the reservation and parking spaces.

IoT Teams consist of 2 departments those are electronic, and software.

Electronic Department
It is the department that works the supply and equipment of electronic materials of the system and makes the necessary card coding. Members study in various fields such as sensors, communication protocols, PCB design.

Software Department
It is the department that the data on the server is shown on the website and mobile application designed and that creates original content by doing backend and frontend. They work on subscribing to the data shared by the electronic department in the cloud they created and creating feedback, indoor routing, and mapping


Workshops are precipitated training to set from the areas that will attract the attention of the members and create a new area of their interest. Workshops are chosen recent subjects and those are trained by a specialist person.