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IEEE Istanbul University - Cerrahpasa

WIE (Women In Engineering) is a committee that supports gender equality in the industry, aims to make both women and men strong, creative and active in the fields of engineering, science, technology and mathematics, and supports the professional association and equality of women and men. At the same time it is one of our duties to study the contribution of women and men working together on productivity. All of our events and activities throughout the year are based on equality of women and men in the industry.

Heel Sounds in Engineering’ 20

It is the biggest event under the WIE (Women in Engineering) committee. We held the sixth of our traditional event this year on 4-5 March 2020. We were here with an event where we aimed to emphasize the equality of women and men in engineering, talk about how the leading companies in the sector support gender equality in engineering, and discussed the place of women and men in business life and the efficiency of working together with our valuable speakers who are experts in their fields.

Talks To WIE

As the WIE (Women in Engineering) committee, we come together with the valuable managers of the companies that support the equality of women and men during the period and have a pleasant chat like a tea chat. In our conversation, we talk about how men and women work together, the contribution of this work to productivity, being a woman in business life, and the disadvantages and advantages they gain while working.

WIE Technical

As the WIE (Women in Engineering) committee , we advocate that women can also be engineers, and there should be no gender discrimination in engineering . We are launching a technical project during the period in order to show this idea concretely . We exhibit our technical project in our foyer area in our Heel Sounds in Engineering event. Our project that we realized in the 2018-2019 period was the Line Follower Robot project. Our technical projects this year were our Pulse Meter project and our Air Purifying Gel project.

Star Project

As IEEE Istanbul University - Cerrahpaşa Student Branch, together with our Women in Engineering committee and Educational Activities representative, we carried out the Online Star Project, where we "explain engineering to high school students" during the semester. In our project we carried out with the students of Göynük Science High School, we introduced machinery, computers, electrical electronics, metallurgy and materials, chemistry and industrial engineering and shed light on our students. We supported them to be the strongest engineer candidates of the future.