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IEEE Istanbul University - Cerrahpasa

WIE (Women In Engineering) is a committee that supports gender equality in the industry, aims to make both women and men strong, creative and active in the fields of engineering, science, technology and mathematics, and supports the professional association and equality of women and men. At the same time it is one of our duties to study the contribution of women and men working together on productivity. All of our events and activities throughout the year are based on equality of women and men in the industry.

Heel Sounds in Engineering’ 20

It’s the biggest event under the roof of the IEEE IUC WIE Committee. We will be hosting the 6th of our traditional event on March 4th and 5th. Our event, in which we aim to emphasize on the equality of men and women in engineering, to discuss how the leading companies of the industry support gender equality in engineering and the place of women and men in business life and the efficiency of working together with our valuable guests who are experts in their fields, will take place this year on 4-5 March.

Talk To WIE

It is our highly efficient event in which we meet up with our guests, who successfully became experts in their field, with groups of 10-15 people and listen to their experiences in the industry and foresee what awaits us in business life.

WIE Technical

We aim to improve ourselves via increasing our technical knowledge. This year, one of our technical projects is Heart Rate Monitor. Another projects of ours is Air Purifying Gel. Our projects are displayed in the foyer area of MTS (Heel Sounds in Engineering).