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IEEE Istanbul University - Cerrahpasa

The primary purpose of the Sponsorship Committee, which is a sub-unit of IEEE IUC Student Club; to provide resources for the events, trainings, workshops and new projects to be produced by our community. It is to communicate with companies, official institutions and tradesmen, to advertise our community and to establish a connection in the corporate environment by creating sympathy.

Sponsorship Team

They help in providing financial resources for the basic needs, technical projects and activities of our club. They conduct meetings with institutions and organizations when necessary. They take part in the preparation of the necessary tools such as the sponsorship file to be used in meetings.

Sponsorship Meetings

As a result of research with our sponsorship team, we hold meetings with the companies we reach at appropriate times. We introduce our club and talk about our goals.

Sponsorship Simulations

These are the rehearsals carried out in order to be prepared for the companies and institutions that we can arrange meetings with in line with the needs of our club. These rehearsals, which are held with our friends who will go to the meeting and those who want to be informed about this issue, will both increase the efficiency of the conversation and provide a plus for the development of our members.