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IEEE Istanbul University - Cerrahpasa

Computer Society is the committee of IEEE Istanbul University-Cerrahpaşa, which is responsible for the realization of activities, activities and projects in software and programming. It aims to raise the awareness of undergraduate students about the IT sector by creating projects and organizing trainings within IEEE Istanbul University-Cerrahpaşa. Computer Society works on IT and software. The main purpose of our committee is to produce solutions for the needs of our club by making improvements in the field of software, and to create an opportunity for its members to meet the technologies used in business life and develop themselves while producing these solutions.

Web Site

As the IEEE IUC Student Club, it is the website of our club that enables us to be accessible on the internet, explains the structure of our club, introduces the activities and projects carried out by all committees and representatives in its structure, and we think you will enjoy while browsing. With several months, many weekly meetings and countless hours of coding, our web team has created our club's official website under the name of the IEEE IUC Computer Society Committee. The main purpose of this site is to provide you with the first look at our club and IEEE in accordance with today's technology. You can access announcements, events, projects, in short, anything you are interested in and wonder about our club on this site.

Branch Management System

It is our web management system that enables us to enroll our members to our club at the beginning of each year during the recruitment period, enables us to obtain participant records for the hall events we perform, enables us to track the entrance of our participants to the sessions on the event days and displays the statistical equivalents of all records.

Content Management System

It is our web content management system where all the contents of the official website of our club can be updated and the necessary additions can be made without writing code. With this system, we want to make it easier for our members of social media - website responsibility who do not know how to code, to be interested in updating our site.

QR Code App

It has been prepared as a mobile application that enables us to record the information of the participants attending our events in our system and keep the activity participation statistics by reading the QR codes sent to the e-mail addresses of our participants who have registered with the event registration system we have created as a solution for our events throughout the year.


We aim to establish a site that will only be accessible to our club members, which we plan to strengthen the interaction and communication of our members. Thus, we will not only improve ourselves with our members, but also realize the IEEE IUC SOZLUK project, which will enable our club to socialize within itself.


Solutions that can make campus life easier for students at our university producers, where the activities and projects of our club can be shared, to obtain a mobile application that will increase our interaction as a product we are planning.


Trainings provide people with knowledge and skills on certain subjects. Our goal is to help our members overcome their shortcomings and curiosities in various subjects by providing daily trainings on various subjects. The aim of these trainings is to arouse curiosity in various subjects and to take the first step towards a career in the field they want.

Mobile Application Training

In our mobile application training, we will be talking about developing Cross-Platform Applications. The framework we will use while developing will be React-Native. We will use JavaScript as a language.

Web Programming Training

We will be talking about the possible technologies that we can use in the projects we produce, in areas such as CodeIgiter, .Net Core MVC, PHP, HTML5, CSS, where we both fill our deficiencies and we can have more control over the projects as a team.