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IEEE Istanbul University - Cerrahpasa

Computer Society is the committee responsible for software development, technical projects and programming trainings organized by IEEE Istanbul University -Cerrahpaşa. It aims to raise the awareness of undergraduate students about the IT sector by creating projects, organizing trainings and events within IEEE Istanbul University-Cerrahpaşa. Computer Society works on IT and software. The committee, which mostly focuses on programming issues, continues its projects and trainings in this context.


A mobile application named KULÜB-E, in which club activities and activities are managed, was developed by our Mobile Application A-Team, consisting of 3 people. We are able to share trainings, studies and announcements within the club. Our members could apply to trainings and teams. Also they could share events and trainings by this app, which includes a membership system.


This team is responsible of our official website that we think you’ll enjoy while browsing and learning about our club IEEE IUC, what this club consists of, and the events & projects carried out by different committees under this roof. The team is also responsible of the MIS (member information system). After a few months, many weekly meetings and countless hours of coding, our team successfully created a fully-functioning website for our branch under the IEEE IUC Computer Society committe. The main purpose of this website is to create an environment that keeps up with today’s technology, and to provide an easy first look into our school’s branch as well as IEEE as a whole. Through this website, you can easily learn about the latest news, the events, the projects and everything else about our club that you might be interested in.


Bookcast is an audio book application that visually impaired people can easily use. In our application, there are podcasts on different topics with people who are experts in their respective fields. Our users will be able to listen to the books at the speed they want, therefore making the experience more enjoyable, and the books easily understandable. Our users will be able to close the book whenever they want, and continue to listen from where they left off when they open the book again. Our users will be able to learn about the book they want to listen to before starting to listen and make their decision accordingly. The application was developed by Istanbul University - Cerrahpaşa IEEE Student Branch Computer Society Committee Mobile Team.

Event Management System

It is a system where we get the records for the hall events we organize and track the entrance of the guests to the sessions in the event area to analyze the statistics.


Trainings provide people with knowledge and skills on certain topics. New generations need these trainings to take their place in social life. However, we realize that people are often unsure of what trainings they should be applying for. Our goal is to provide one-day trainings on various topics. The purpose of these trainings is to raise curiosity amongst students on various topics and to take the first step together for a career in their desired field. In fact, many of us don’t know where to start, thus we dwell on the learning process a lot. We are doing these trainings to prevent this.
-Mobile Application

Mobile Application Training

We will be focusing on developing Hybrid Applications in our mobile application training. We will be using Ionic Framework as the framework and AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3 as the language. We will also be using Cordova to access system resources. This training will take 20 hours in total, and the date will be set by the beginning of the semester.

Python Training

By learning to program in Python, we aim to help our fellow students find job opportunities in various fields. We are planning to provide a Python training of 20 hours. Here is how we will be deciding on the participants: Last year, we provided a Python training as a committee. This training, which will be a continuation of the previous one, is a great opportunity for those who want to specialize in this field.

Camp D’Algorithmes

Algorithm development is a method we use everywhere in our day-to-day lives to solve problems. There are algorithms that are used to solve basic problems faced in daily life. These algorithms are used in artificial intelligence applications which entered our lives recently. We offer our fellow students a chance of self-improvement in these fields by the algorithm camp we organize.