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IEEE Istanbul University - Cerrahpasa

The Education Society is the committee that helps engineer candidates develop themselves socially and academically. It offers the students the opportunity to get to know the sectors they are curious about with the technical trips it organizes, and to improve themselves both academically and socially with the trainings. Thanks to the social environments created, members have the opportunity to get to know each other closely. In addition to these, they develop themselves in human relations and enter the same environment with individuals with different perspectives.


We are establishing a blog team that regularly creates content in various categories such as science, personal development, culture and arts, technology, success stories and news from us. We are creating an area where we learn about different subjects and improve ourselves in writing.

Our Trainings

We enable him to give seminars on these subjects with experts who will help us in our career and perhaps put us one step ahead. We provide diversity in our training subjects by providing both personal development training and professional training. We make our trainings certified in order to benefit us.

Technical Trips

Every year, we organize technical trips to the offices and factories of the leading companies in their field so that they have the opportunity to work in the future. In this way, we have the opportunity to observe the differences between new generation start-ups and traditional factories when necessary. He saw that the technology developed in his year.

Social Responsibility Projects

Our social responsibility projects are among the projects that help us broaden our perspective on social events while we are on our way to becoming a good engineer. It helps us to learn social solidarity and cooperation culture and to improve this aspect of us. Projects such as planting saplings, helping village schools, visiting animal shelters are among our social responsibility projects that we aim to realize together with our other committees and representatives.


Thanks to the trainings and conversations we will receive from experts in our field in our tea talk series, which will focus on social and environmental problems in the world and in our country, we will be informed and informed about the measures we need to take.


We are planning to come together with our mentors who have started their careers in various sectors and hold panels where we can ask questions in detail in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.