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IEEE Istanbul University - Cerrahpasa

Education Society committee focuses on the issues we will need in professional life, and it also aims to train qualified engineers through personal development training. Our committee intends to cultivate the students’ academic skills as well as their social aspects and teamwork skills by organizing technical trips, hall events and personal development seminars.

Developing Technology Days

It is an event that students from every engineering branch can benefit from, where leaders from the leading companies of the sector tell us what awaits us as technology in the future, what their companies are doing to catch the developing technology, inspiring us and gaining self-confidence. It is an organization that can bring together academicians, engineers and students on the same platform in order to discuss the future of the sectors and to find solutions to problems in panels where companies can open stands and participate. In this way, companies will meet with the engineers of the future and transfer their own work experiences to them, and help new graduated engineers to come to the forefront and will lead the development of our country.

Career Summit

It is to learn what steps our speakers have taken to enable them to be successful in their careers during their student period or later, and to provide an experience transfer in this regard. Our speakers set an example to students with their advice and our students can have an idea and be inspired about the solutions of the problems they may encounter after graduation with the questions they ask.

Our Trainings

We enable him to give seminars on these subjects with experts who will help us in our career and perhaps put us one step ahead. We provide diversity in our training subjects by providing both personal development training and professional training. We make our trainings certified in order to benefit us.

Technical Trips

Every year, we organize technical trips to the offices and factories of the leading companies in their field so that they have the opportunity to work in the future. In this way, we have the opportunity to observe the differences between new generation start-ups and traditional factories when necessary. He saw that the technology developed in his year. This year, we are planning to organize our Technical Trips online due to the Pandemic.

Social Responsibility Projects

Since we know that being a good engineer is primarily through being a good individual, we aim to do things that are beneficial to the society and to strengthen our cooperation with social responsibility projects such as planting trees and distributing soup to the needy.


It is a type of event that we will meet with senior executives of the leading companies of the sector. It allows us to communicate more closely with managers at our event, which will be held with groups of 20-25 people. We can directly ask questions we are curious about and be guided by high-ranking people for our career.