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IEEE Istanbul University - Cerrahpasa

Education Society committee focuses on the issues we will need in professional life, and it also aims to train qualified engineers through personal development training. Our committee intends to cultivate the students’ academic skills as well as their social aspects and teamwork skills by organizing technical trips, hall events and personal development seminars.

Developing Technology Days

An event from which every student from any field of engineering can benefit, “Developing Technology Days” helps us get a glimpse of our future in terms of technology. During the event, we are inspired by many people from companies that are leading the industry talk about what they do in order to keep up with technology. This organization, in which companies can open stands, brings students, scholars and engineers together to discuss the future of industries and to come up with possible solutions to many issues. Thus, companies can meet their future engineers and transfer their experiences, therefore make them stand out as better qualified newly graduate engineers and lead the development of our country.

Career Summit

The purpose of this event is to be inspired by the steps our guest speakers have taken in their careers during or after their education and to provide a transfer of experience in this regard. Our speakers set an example for our students with their valuable tips and advice, whereas with the questions they ask, our students can have an idea about the solutions of the problems they may encounter after graduating. Our goal is to bring exemplery speakers who are successful in their respective careers and students who aim to improve themselves together in one place. By introducing students to companies, we provide them with work and internship opportunities.


We call for people who could help us with our future careers and perhaps make us stand out, have them as guests in our school and listen to their seminars, and we do that certified. This year, we have planned 4 different trainings.

Organization Crew

A small group of people that works with us during the preparation process of all kinds of events throughout the year. The main purpose of this crew is to help our club’s events while teaching members a lot about preparing and coordinating an organization. Apart from everything that is mentioned above, we will be deciding on many other events, organizations etc. during the year with everyone who chooses the Education Society committee. It takes a long time for a seed to sprout. Today, we come together to plant new seeds in the ground. Anyone who wishes to be a part of this journey is welcome in the Education Society committee.

Technical Trips

Every year, we organize technical trips to the offices and the factories of companies that are leaders in their respective fields in order to provide the students with possible employment in the future. In this way, we can visit both new generation start-ups and traditional factories and get a chance to observe the differences. By doing this every year, we can also witness the rate of development of technology. This year, we have planned 4 different technical trips.


We get together with people who wish to improve their English by having fun, playing games, and talking about detailed issues while both improving our English and gaining new perspectives about different topics.

Social Responsibility Projects

We know that to be a good engineer, we must become good people first. Starting from this, we aim to strenghten our bond and to do things that are beneficial to society during the year, such as planting trees and hand out soup to those in need.


An event in which we get together with senior executives from leading companies in the industry. We meet up in small groups of 20-25 people so that we have close contact with the executive. We get a chance to ask any question in one-on-one and be guided in the right direction by the people in higher places.