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IEEE Istanbul University - Cerrahpasa

The Tanıtım ve Tasarım committee’s mission is doing social media posts by using professional tools to promote all committees, events, projects and trainings gathered under the IEEE Istanbul University-Cerrahpaşa. Although committee’s main mission is promotion of the IEEE and make poster, it also gives design education. These educations, which are open to everyone,. In addition to aiming to train talented designers, committee also creating brand ambassadors. Programs prepared for designs are taught in the educations, and content can be produced for the design team after the training if the person receiving the training wishes. You can create ideas for promotion in the same way, you can create a strategy for thinking about our reputation within the university The design and promotion team, which used to work under another committee, is now gathered in a committee of its own. What this Tanıtım ve Tasarım committe wants to create is, be the place where it wants to ask or want to learn people work on promotion and marketing. Tanıtım ve Tasarım committee, the most artistic and advertising committee in IEEE, is coming with firmly steps this year.