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What does IEEE stand for?

Previously meant ”Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers”, IEEE was later changed to “Institute of Engineers and Everyone Else” after gaining new members from every field of engineering as well as any other field touched by science.

Who is IEEE and what is the place of IEEE in Istanbul University?

IEEE is the world's leading technical and professional, non-profit enterprise; working on electric, electronics, computers, automation, telecommunication and many other fields for the development of engineering theory and practices. IEEE Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Student Branch was founded in 2002. The branch has been focusing on the industry, science and technology; through organizing events, technical projects, workshops and trainings. With more than 400 active members, IEEE Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Student Branch is the most essential club of Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Faculty of Engineering.

What are committees and representations?

Our branch consists of 6 commitees; Robotıcs & Automation Society, Computer Society, Education Society, Women in Engineering, Sponsorship Committee, Promotion Design Committee and 2 representations; Fellow Students Branch and Educational Activities. With our committees and representations we aim and help for future engineers, who study the needs of the industries in Turkey and aspire to guide students accordingly as well as to see Turkey manufacture technology, to come up with professional works with amateur spirit.

Can I choose more than one committee?

You can choose as many committees as you want

Can I attend the activities, technical trips etc. of the committees other than my own?

Our members can participate in the activities of the committees other than their own as a passive member.

How do I participate in your projects?

As long as you are a member of our club, you can participate in any of our projects.

Who runs the courses and the workshops?

The courses and workshops of the committees are carried out by appointed members and committee chairs.

Can only Electrical Electronics Engineers become a member?

No. Any student from any faculty of our university can become a member of our club.

I’m not an enginnering student. Can I join the club?

Yes. Any student from any faculty of our university can become a member of our club.

I’m a prep student and I’m in a different campus. Can I join the club?

Yes, you can become a member in a different campus.

How can I join the club?

You can simply fill out the application form.

Do I need to pay a registration fee?

No, it is completely free of charge.

When are the applications open?

We accept applications during the both semester.

What is IEEE global membership? How do I become a global member?

IEEE opens up many opportunities for you to develop your professional identity. One of the many benefits of IEEE global membership, which includes science, technology, engineering, mathematics, physics, medicine and more, is access to members and international articles that can help you with your career goals. You can join us and become a global member from the IEEE membership page.