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IEEE Istanbul University - Cerrahpasa

IEEE Turkey Social Responsibility Projects had been carrying out their studies and activities in the past few years, however later on they were replaced by IEEE Turkey Educational Activities Student Representation to acquire a more accurate identity and to take part in IEEE in a more efficient way. We are having the projects and activities done and we give education to the specific age range because of introducing engineering as IEEE IUC Educational Activities representation. Also, we are realizing a lot of social responsibility projects to benefit people.

Star Project

With this project we aim to teach middle school and high school students about the basic engineering branches via presentations, and at the end of the day we show them how engineering can be fun and interesting via workshops.

Hour Of Code

In this project we have one-hour coding sessions with specific middle school students in order to teach them the fundamentals of coding in a fun way, and at the end of the sessions we give away various rewards and certificates.

Audio Book Project

This project aims to voice books at a specific age range for the visually impaired.

Book Piggy Bank

Many book piggy banks re going to place specific areas in the school and we are going to donate books all year.

Visiting Social Services And Child Protection Agency And Aged Care Home

With this project, Our aim is we want to let him fell our family atmosphere.