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IEEE Istanbul University - Cerrahpasa

Fellow Student Branch Project is a project created to lead values such as mutual fellowship bonds between IEEE Turkey branches, strong communications, collective projects, activities, courses etc. It is the most successful and the largest student communication structure in Turkey. FSB comes together at specific times during the year, strengthen the bonds between branches so as to never weaken the communication. That communication is provided and strengthened by activities such as games, courses, camping and picnics. Every branch has 2 or 3 (binary or triple fellowship) fellow branches. These branches mutually try to advance themselves by knowledge-experience transactions. The other 74 non-fellow branches are called cousin branches. Cousin branches also give and receive help to strengthen the communication and their weaker sides amongst themselves.


❏ Fellow branches are determined and everything is planned for the new term
❏ We’ve had our Experience Transmission Camp with fellow branches.
❏ We’ve had our Experience Transmission Camp with our branch.
❏ We attended the activities of fellow branches and cousin branches, we have hosted them in our activities.
❏ We’ve had inter-branch meeting and coalescence activities (bowling and breakfast)
❏ We’ve had after-parties for our traditional activities.